75ml Rinse-Free Hand Wash Box of 24 – Bundles

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An evaporative 70% alcohol-based rinse-free hand wash gel fragranced with our signature Glacial Fresh scent.

Rinse-Free Hand Wash 75ml




Stunningly scented Glacial Fresh rinse-free hand wash is as crisp and fresh as springtime in the mountains. It contains 70% alcohol to maximise its cleansing properties and won’t dry out your skin thanks to its gentle skin-softening formula. Apply a generous amount to your palms and rub your hands until dry.

Perfect for use on the go, our rinse-free hand wash gently and hygienically cleans hands with no water required. Featuring top notes of mint and eucalyptus and a fragrant base of lily, peach and jasmine, your hands will smell fresh and clean while keeping them hydrated, soft and supple.

We Protect. You Care.

Apply a generous amount of rinse-free hand wash to your palms and rub your hands until dry. Gently and hygienically cleans hands with no water required. Children under six years old should be supervised when using this product.

Bottles are post-consumer recycled PET.

Denatured Ethanol (Alcohol), Aqua, Glycerine, Carbomer, TEA, Parfum, Limonene, Linalool.

Warning: For external use only. Do not use in or near the eyes. May cause serious eye damage. If the product gets into the eyes, wash with plenty of water, remove any contact lenses and keep rinsing. If skin sensitivity or a rash develops, discontinue use and seek advice from your doctor. If swallowed, seek medical help. Flammable. Keep away from sources of fire and ignition. Keep away from children.